What Information Does IWSSDT Hold?

Information held about registered organisations includes:

  • the name of the staff contact for that organisation;

  • the contact person's work email;

  • the contact person's work phone number.

Information held about individual staff members who have been registered to attend a course includes:

  • name;

  • work phone number;

  • work email address;

  • mobile phone number (which may be a private mobile);

  • work role;

  • whether the staff member has any special needs (such as dietary or access needs)

Training organisations (and trainers who operate as sole traders) are required to provide the name of their main contact person.

How IWSSDT Uses Your Information

IWSSDT uses the information collected to deliver quality training services. The information of course registrants will be provided to the trainer of the course. The trainer is NOT a staff member of IWSSDT or Burwood Council, but is required to have a Privacy Policy that safeguards personal information provided to them by IWSSDT.

The collected information is also used to generate certificates of attendance, and attendance records for each training event.

Information relating to organisation contacts is used only to facilitate logistical arrangements.

Other Information Collected by the Website

As part of offering and providing on-line training services this website uses cookies to maintain session and visit information and allow IWSSDT to generate statistics about the number of visitors to the sites and which parts of the site are most accessed.

These cookies contain no personal information and can easily be deleted via your web browser, if you wish. Blocking cookies for this site or deleting them may prevent some functions of the site from working correctly and is not recommended.

If you have any concerns about privacy, fill out the form below and click on 'submit'.

Access to Your Personal Information

Individuals have the right to view any and all personal information that IWSSDT collects about them. If you wish the view your personal information, please contact the IWSSDT coordinator using the form below.

Correction of Your Personal Information

Individuals have the right to correct their own personal information held by IWSSDT.

This policy may change from time to time, so please check back periodically